Unfortuantely Hire Equipment is currently an unavailable service.

As well as the fixed systems we offer, you can hire air conditioning and heating equipment from Aire Serv.


We have machines available for Cooling, Heating, Ventilation or Dehumidification.

  • Short term - as little as one day
  • Long term - special rates for long term hire, makes hiring better value than purchase in some cases
  • Even fixed systems can be hired
  • Next day delivery of portable cooling or heating systems
  • Technical assistance to help you choose the right models
  • Various types of machines to suit office, retail, commercial, and industrial environments
  • Different sizes of plant to suit almost all applications
  • No repair costs. In the event of a failure we will immediately repair or replace the system at no charge
  • Low running costs. Systems are only used when absolutely necessary
  • Add to, or reduce, your cooling or heating capacity at will
  • Rental costs are deductible as legitimate business expenses

Take a look at our Air Conditioning Products Page to see what products are right for you?


  • Emergency breakdown situations
  • Cooling or heating for temporary situations
  • Additional heating or cooling to supplement existing systems
  • Exhibition stands, where heat can be a real problem
  • Short functions; business meetings, dances, wedding receptions etc
  • Try before you buy. See if the type of unit you are thinking of buying is right for your needs