Aire Serv provides a diverse product portfolio. Below are the different options available.


It is the quietest and most versatile of all systems and is often the most practical choice for large areas. This is because the area size is out of reach of the normal split type units. The grills can be placed in a number of locations to blend in unobtrusively with décor.

Usually a unit sits outside – this is referred to as a condenser. The condenser has wires and copper tubes that lead inside, usually to the location of the "air handler".

An air conditioning evaporator coil is located within the indoor unit. This unit normally comes in separate pieces and is custom installed in each application. The unit style gets its name "Split System" from the fact that the unit is split into an indoor and outdoor section.

The air conditioning condenser (outdoor portion) will normally be located on the ground beside the premises or on the roof.


This new duct type air conditioning system offers quiet, efficient operation as either ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted units. The compact design of the units allows for easy installation and makes them ideal for situations where space is at a premium. Adjustable via wired remote control, the new duct type units also feature automatic air flow adjustment.


Multi-type systems are renowned for their flexible approach to air conditioning, allowing several rooms to be served by a single condenser. These systems can be referred to as Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) or Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF). They provide heating and cooling or simultaneous heating and cooling depending on your environment. Therefore one room could be warm and another cool. You can choose from wall-mounted or ceiling cassette air conditioners.


This type of unit is used where buildings do not have ductwork. They are required where premises need to be cooled but no ductwork exists, such as in the case of premises heated with boilers.

The system has an outside condensing unit, very similar to a ducted split system air conditioner. It also has copper tubing running to an indoor unit. However, the indoor unit(s) (can have multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit) are not ducted, they simply hang on a wall or mount in the ceiling.

These are not put in a window – like the window air conditioner, and they don't need a huge hole in the wall. They are much quieter than window units, because the noisiest part of the system is outside. Another advantage is the ability to have multiple indoor units, giving you air conditioning in more than one room.


Sometimes the term "Package" unit is confusing, but in this case we are referring to a self contained unit that comes pre – assembled. The ducting and system itself are combined within one package. The differences between this and a window unit are substantial. Package units sit outside the premises on the ground or on the roof. A heat pump package unit is similar to a Package Air Conditioner in its look and size.


Window Units - As the name implies, if you have a unit that is placed through a window – it is a window air conditioner. These units are useful as a solution for one room but they can be noisy, inconvenient and of course – block your view out of the window. These units are completely self-contained with a refrigeration system and fans to move the air.

Through the Wall Units - If you have ever stayed in a hotel or motel, many of them use a through the wall unit. Similar to a window unit, these systems are convenient for a small area, but sometimes can be noisy. These units are also completely self-contained, just like the window air conditioner.

Floor Mounted Units - Again as the name implies, the unit will be mounted on the floor and is ideal for residential, retail and restaurant use. They are very quiet in operation and in many cases where multiple indoor units are required they can be connected to a single external condenser box.

Ceiling or Ceiling Suspended Unit -These units are ideal for private or commercial premises and in particular where floor or wall space is at a premium. They make very little noise when in operation and can be mounted directly onto the ceiling or suspended from a height that you require. The units are operated by either keypad remote control or wall-mounted control panels. Cooling or cooling and heating units are available.


These are ideally suited for setting into a suspended ceiling. The space saving qualities of the cassette mean that it is perfect for offices, shops and commercial premises. The cassettes are very quiet, when in use. According to the model supplied the controls are either by remote keypad or wall-mounted control panel. Again cooling or cooling and heating units are available.



For those who have Allergy problems and who appreciate the value of clean air, then air purifiers could be the answer. The new technology available today means cleaner air and superior performance with quieter operation in an aesthetically pleasing design.


Air quality is measured by the presence or absence of unwanted substances in the air. Air Purifiers can remove almost 99% of allergens, which includes mites and pollen, 99% of bacteria, and breaks down 95% of odours.

  • Remove a variety of unwanted chemicals in the air
  • Airborne particles & pet hair removed down to 0.001 of a micron
  • Purifies air of cigarette smoke
  • Almost silent operation
  • Fast and efficient cleaning & deodorizing
  • Comprehensive 3-Year manufacturer warranty packages available