When your business is without air conditioning or heating, we know how important it is to get you, your employees and your customers comfortable again quickly!


When you call Aire Serv, you can be sure that you are reaching a professional who has the expertise and experience required to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your problem and fix it right the first time.

Overall, our mission is to ensure that our ability to properly analyse a situation and treat it with the most up-to-date technology, equipment and products available in our industry will deliver to you a level of satisfaction unparalleled in the heating and air conditioning industry. We want to exceed your expectations...AND keep your operation running smoothly!


Every customer's individual needs are important to us at Aire Serv UK. Our focus of providing heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality and refrigeration services combined with world class personnel has made us the first choice of many commercial clients worldwide. You can count on us to take care of your heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality and refrigeration needs - day or night with never an out of hours charge.

With Aire Serv, you will encounter not only expertly trained technicians, but also people who are trained to deliver to you a tailored and unique service experience. We perform service and repair of ALL brands and types of equipment. When your heating or cooling system is broken, you want it fixed FAST! "We'll put you in your comfort zone."™

We charge by the job, not by the hour! We have a diagnostic fee for repair and service calls, which covers not only our travel, but also the time necessary to diagnose the problem, whether it takes a half hour or two hours. We will give you all of your options with the total cost BEFORE we start the work, so you can decide what is right for you.

Some of the quality brands of equipment we service are:

  • Carrier Systems
  • Fujitsu
  • Lennox
  • McQuay International Systems
  • Rheem Systems
  • Samsung Systems
  • Sanyo Systems
  • Trane Systems
  • Westinghouse Systems
  • York Systems


Our Comfort Protection Plan is a professional cleaning; adjustment and safety check we perform on all types of heating and air conditioning equipment to help maintain peak performance, safety and reliable operation. We also have a maintenance plan for refrigeration solutions.

Cooling and heating systems require routine maintenance to maximise performance, maintain efficiency and to insure safety. In the past, systems were simple by design and had less moving parts, but they have become more complex due to safety and efficiency standards.


Aire Serv have integrated a Comfort Protection Plan to provide the customer with a complete factory precision maintenance check for your heating, air conditioning and refrigeration needs.

The Benefits of the Comfort Protection Plan include:

  • Improved efficiency saving you money
  • Restored capacity improving your comfort at extreme temperatures
  • Extended equipment Life, therefore protecting your investment
  • Priority customer service giving you rapid response
  • 15% discount on all repairs saving you money
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • NO out of hours rate for all year round
  • Maintenance report for your records
  • Licensed, insured, and compliant with all relevant legislation for your peace of mind.


High Efficiency Upgrades – Are you paying too much in utility costs to keep that old unit running? Depending on the age of your equipment, a new air conditioner can cut the costs of your existing unit by half.

For large spaces, you will need to install a fixed air conditioning system. Some smaller rooms could use portable or mobile systems that are less expensive, but pound for pound are not as efficient as the fixed alternative. Click to view the air conditioning products available.


Aire Serv has developed a convenient programme for an array of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration products for a number of customer needs. Click to view the hire equipment opportunities.


Imagine never vacuuming your business since it was built. Has it been 5, 10 or even 20 years or more since your duct system has been cleaned? Professional duct cleaning will help reduce the recirculation of contaminants that have built up for years in your ducting.

As air continually passes through your duct system, the heavier dirt and dust particles settle to the bottom and accumulate. This dirt, dust and dander become the food that micro-organisms and dust mites need to grow and live. Combine that with a cool moist environment and it's easy to understand why this is the ideal breeding ground for microscopic pests.

Cleaning the ductwork is best performed with high volume vacuums and flexible brushes. Vacuums alone can't do the complete job. Think about your car – if high pressure air blowing across it, were enough to keep it clean, it would never need to be washed. The brushes loosen the dirt and allow it to be drawn back to the high pressure vacuum.

Sealing the ductwork can help keep it clean and a good air filter will definitely make a difference.


In many businesses, the ducting runs in lofts and above ceilings – where you don't want your valuable "conditioned" air to leak out, or the polluted air to leak in. Sealing your duct system can not only reduce your utility costs, but it can improve the quality of air and reduce dust accumulation.

Ductwork is usually made up of metal, flexible duct (a fiberglass ducting product), and can have gaps or air leaks around the seams and connections. Taping the joints is usually only temporary, considering the extreme temperatures to which the ducting is sometimes exposed.

Ducting can be sealed using "sealant" which resembles a thick, gooey paint-like substance.

Leaking ductwork can cause a whole host of problems. If the air you are heating or cooling leaks OUT of the ductwork on the supply (pressurised) side, you can lose up to 25% or more of the air you are paying to condition. Also, if your supply air is leaking out into a loft, that causes your premises to go into a slightly "negative" pressure. This negative pressure will pull air into your premises wherever it can find it – back drafting down chimneys, pulling in contaminated air from lofts. If you have very fine dust that looks like the insulation in your loft, this could be the source.