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EC Regulation 842/2006 Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases

The main provisions of the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulation will apply from 4 July 2007. Defra together with the DTI, Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly and other stakeholders, have produced Initial Guidance on the contents of the f-gas Regulation.

The F-Gas Regulation when it comes into force will impose obligations on end users of equipment for regular leak testing and require that operatives handling refrigerant are qualified. These proposals are welcomed by industry as an important means to limit refrigerant emissions.

The principal objective is to contain, prevent and thereby reduce emissions of f-gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. This Regulation will make a significant contribution towards the European Community's Kyoto Protocol target by introducing cost-effective mitigation measures and to prevent distortion of the internal market.

The main focus is on containment and recovery of f-gases, together with harmonised restrictions on the marketing and use of f-gases in applications where containment of f-gases is difficult to achieve or the use of f-gases is considered inappropriate and suitable alternatives exist.

The containment and recovery articles in the Regulation will have an impact on the commercial refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump sectors and in the fire protection sector; and for the personnel involved in the installation, servicing and recovery of f-gases from these systems as well as from equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gas based solvents, high voltage switchgear and fire extinguishers. Operators of relevant systems will have a range of obligations including prompt leakage repair, leakage checking and record keeping and ensuring appropriately qualified personnel are used.