New fire safety legislation affecting all non-domestic premises in England & Wales comes into force on the 1st October 2006,in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (FIRE SAFETY) Order 2006.

Regulatory Reform (FIRE SAFETY) Order (2006)

Part of the guidance issued for undertaking the assessment, is that you must have a suitable fire-detection and warning system. If the assessment showed situations where anyone may be unaware of a fire, an electrical detection and warning system is likely to be needed.

Things to consider might be:

  • Does the building have more than one floor?
  • Are there unoccupied areas?
  • Is the building a multi-occupied premises, with common corridors and circulation spaces?
  • Are there places where people might be working alone, are disabled, or situations where people are working late or at the weekend?
  • Is there any other location where a fire could start without somebody noticing it quickly?
  • If only one escape route is available, is it of fire resistant construction?

Where any escape routes are internal and without windows, or are used during periods of darkness, including early darkness on winter days, then some form of backup to the normal escape route lighting will be required.