We encourage responsible business practice because sustainable business success will help secure a better quality of life for everyone both now and in the future.


Aire Serv looks at the wider range of stakeholder interests because of the diverse number of interested partnerships. We work hard to understand the potential risks and opportunities for the business, while offering wider social and environmental gains. Emphasis is placed on a number of key issues and how they can be managed to help improve key relationships with employees, consumers and other stakeholders.

By paying more attention to consumers needs we can become more competitive in terms of our service provision. We aim to quantify the impact of CSR activities on our overall competitiveness. To stimulate wider adoption of CSR, we have also been exploring the benefits of CSR for general business performance.

We take a balanced scorecard approach to assessing performance, because, concentrating solely on one aspect, will mean that many stakeholders are ignored.


Aire Serv aims to provide support, guidance and a flexible framework to encourage and enable responsible attitude to the protection of our environment. To assist environmental strategies, we support innovation and sustainability. We believe it is our responsibility to enhance environmental awareness by motivating and educating our employees and customers. We hope to foster a philosophy of environmental responsibility into all aspects of our core services and products.

We encourage our Franchise network to buy green wherever possible to ensure our commitment to the goals set by government legislation. There is an ongoing need for high standards of environmental and resource management, with the overall aim of integrating them into relevant sectors of a company's operations.



  • Increase environmental knowledge in our franchisees and all employees to motivate them to behave in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Give management, the capabilities to make these aspirations occur.


  • Giving customers the knowledge they need to make sound environmental decisions.
  • Sharing information, which maybe appropriate to external stakeholders and clients


  • Reviewing environmental strategy in order to maintain a positive viewpoint.
  • Learn from the implementation of tactics used by other companies.
  • Integrating environmental awareness in planning, marketing, employee communications and training
  • Monitoring on a continual basis


Although we do not create the sort of waste and pollution as manufacturing or transportation, we aim to ensure a good level of awareness in this particular area, we consider the following:

  • Proactive measures to reduce and prevent unnecessary pollution
  • Identifying and managing excessive energy consumption
  • The management of our operations and physical assets in an environmentally responsible way.


Aire Serv shows a proactive business approach to CSR and how that can bring society and business together. We aim to help build the skills and capacity to achieve our goals of poverty reduction.

We have a number of partnerships between business, governments and civil society groups to ensure we meet these ambitions. We have taken forward work in this area through a mix of support for the development of existing international approaches as well as through sector specific projects. With partner countries we aim to develop and implement sustainable solutions and, in doing so, build knowledge and capacity within the communities and more widely at national level.

Supply chain issues including labour standards remain a high priority for Aire Serv, assuring human rights and alleviating poverty. We support the Government's Ethical Trading Initiative, which provides practical guidance to companies in tackling supply chain issues. Furthermore we ensure that all the products used in our services are from ethical sources on all occasions.