In a study of over nine thousand consumers, contractors affiliated with a national franchise were preferred by a 2:1 margin. Consumers want a name they can trust, a name with a national franchise standing behind it.


Even for established contractors, franchises make sense!

Franchising is systematic business support. Franchising enables the entrepreneur to learn from the experiences of others by following a system developed from the most successful companies in a given field. The Franchisee saves time, money and energy by following a proven pattern and receives support from both the franchiser and other franchisees


Inherently, franchises have a competitive advantage over other small businesses. This results from the synergy of hundreds of companies working together. Not only does the franchisor provide a proven business format, ongoing assistance and research into new services and operation methods, but the franchises become laboratories of innovation.

When one franchise develops a superior operating method or new marketing idea, all franchises benefit! When one franchise provides a customer with a memorable service experience or conducts a local marketing campaign, there is a snowball effect benefiting neighbouring franchises and franchises across the country as people travel and relocate. The synergy is possible only because each franchise is exclusive.

One franchise's success does not detract from another, so there is every incentive to cooperate. "Together, we can all do more than each of us can do independently". This is the power of synergy.


  • Nationally, preferred 2 to 1 by customers
  • Additional buying power and discounts
  • R & D assistance
  • Increased marketing experience
  • Access to national accounts
  • Additional sales training skills
  • "Added-Value" customer service systems
  • Improved management coaching and guidance
  • Front-line training for technicians
  • On-going training and support for you
  • Relationship building with customers
  • Relationship building with other franchisees
  • Cross marketing with other franchisees
  • Increased equity growth
  • Resale assistance
  • Success principles to personal growth - goal setting - lifestyles
  • In business for yourself but not by yourself!
  • Advantage over competitors