When you invest in an Aire Serv UK franchise, you own the exclusive license rights to the name and concept in your territory.


Your competitors will not have access to your proven techniques and methods.


Aire Serv UK is dedicated to your growth and prosperity. As an Aire Serv UK Franchisee, you will enjoy the full backing of the U.K. Management Team based in Bromsgrove. Specific support provided to an Aire Serv UK Franchisee includes:

  • Extensive business, marketing and management training.
  • Aire Serv UK confidential operations, marketing and forms manuals.
  • Exclusive use in your territory of the Aire Serv UK marketing materials and a proven approach to sales and service.
  • Technical support and training through the UK Management Team based in Bromsgrove.
  • National Conferences: Training meetings and information exchanges with other franchisees.
  • Free telephone support.
  • Aire Serv UK copyrighted marketing programmes, direct mail letter templates and marketing material.
  • The buying power of a group.

In addition, all Aire Serv Franchisees UK will provide mutual support and idea generation. Aire Serv Franchisees UK will learn from each other. The support and advice from other Franchisees is a distinct organisational advantage. The combined efforts and experiences provide an incredible synergy. When one franchise discovers a new and innovative approach, it is distributed to all franchises. Franchising is cooperation, not competition.


The exclusive rights to Aire Serv UK add value to your business. When it is time to sell, the franchise gives you much more to sell than a depreciating asset base and a customer list. The franchise license may become your most valuable and saleable asset; one that is appreciating every day.

Aire Serv UK will assist your efforts in finding a buyer. After all, Aire Serv has a continuing interest in your business as a growing concern. Through our contacts with business owners across the country, we may become your best assistant in finding the right person to purchase your business.


The greatest problems faced by business owners today include:

  • How do I keep my business coming in?
  • How do I protect my income stream during down times?
  • How do I earn higher margins?
  • How do I find and keep good personnel?
  • How do I manage my business finances?
  • How do I ensure we're providing quality work?
  • How do establish and maintain excellent customer service?
  • How do I comply with changing government regulations?
  • How do I build increasing equity in my business?

Aire Serv UK has proven solutions to these and other problems.

To discuss the Aire Serv Franchise System in more detail or to apply for an Aire Serv franchise, call Michelle Page on 01527 549593